WB Trading Review – Real Client Reviews In Their Own Words!

Who? Azri A.
Where? Adelaide, Australia
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

My name is Azri from Adelaide, South Australia. Before finding WB trading, I was speaking with no understanding of, um, risk management. I didn't understand risk-to-reward ratios, and as such, I found myself in a situation in which I was taking small profits, but suffering large losses. So you can imagine this, this kind of trading is unsustainable and it led to several blown up accounts. I was also strategy hopping 'cause I just could not find a strategy that worked. I believe there's no such thing as a a hundred percent working strategy, there's no Holy Grail. You know, you've got to understand that risk reward and you've got to manage your risk, in order to be successful in trading over the longer term.

So, since I started with WB Trading I now have an every-day routine, a process if you may. I trade the Session Momentum and Price Reversion strategies every day, and every four hours, I check the Bias Bar strategy to identify entry opportunities. Since September 2020 I have grown my account by approximately +18%. That's an average of 6% a month. I know the results are not massive, but I believe that trading is a get rich slow scheme. It requires great patience, discipline and consistency. In my journey I was assigned a trading coach that has helped me tremendously in discovering my trading style. I find that being accountable and having someone to talk to, you know, this on a monthly basis to review your trades and to go through your mistakes is very important in order to sustain your reading performance.

Finally, I'd like to encourage you to join the program, as the investment is relatively low compared to what we have in the current trading education market, and you don't have to commit to a monthly fee. I'd like to encourage you to try the strategies on a demo account before going live. This will help with confidence as you will be trading strategies that are already-statistically proven. Thank You.
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Mark Has Steadily And Consistently Built His Account
By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Vaibhav Is Seeing Consistent Profitability For The First Time Ever By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Tanzin A. Turned £500 Into Tens Of Thousands Of Pounds, Quit His Day-Job
And Gained $300,000 In Funding From A Proprietary
Trading Firm Using The Strategies.

Listen to William's interview with Tanzin below and hear Tanzin talk about the struggles, stresses and strains he faced
whilst attempting to trade without rules and without a proven framework in-place,
along with the success he's had since joining us:

After Two Years Of Losing Money, Souhaib Is Finally Profitable And Is Now Up +22% Using Our Strategies.

Mike Is Up +15% Within Just
Six Trading Days This Month
Using Our Strategies.

Who? David K.
Where? Gloustershire, England
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi, my name is David. I live in Gloucestershire in the United Kingdom. I've been trading now for, a good three, three and a half years, and I've been with William at WB Trading now for around about eight months. When I first started trading, it was a lot of shot-in-the-dark. I had no real strategy, everything I seemed to do seemed to lead to a loss. I've blown up countless accounts. I did start with demo, moved on to a live account, continuous losses. And then, my lucky day came when I discovered William online. 

I made contact with him, very quick to respond, really great guy to deal with, very supportive. So I joined, I went for the full Platinum Package, and delved straight into the whole learning process. And, from that day forward, my trading changed completely.
 I've gone from being an inconsistent, losing trader to a consistent profitable trader. My account grows on a nice regular basis, and the stress that I was going through beforehand is no longer there because I'm following simple rules that are set out for me.

The whole process is just made a hell of a lot easier, and it's all thanks to William.  I can't thank him enough, and his team who were incredibly supportive also. All I can say to those of you that are considering joining William's program is to crack on do it. You won't be disappointed. It's a great system. Very easy to follow, and the support you get from William and his team is second to none. So, yeah. I hope this really helps you guys in making the decision. Make the right one. Don't continue to be a losing trader. Trust in William strategies, and get on and start making some money. Thanks guys.

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Why Continue To Struggle Unnecessarily?

If you’re on this page, I’m going to presume that you’re here because
you’re tired of remaining stuck within your trading…

…you’re tired of the guessing, the attempting to predict the market, the being unsure about the trades you’re taking,
and you’re done with having no plan, no proven structure in place and the inconsistent results
that’ve led you around in circles throughout your trading career so far.

If that's the case, I can help.

If I could share strategies with you that completely remove the guessing, the predicting, the worrying and
the doubt caused by the usual discretionary strategies that lead around in circles – You know the ones;
Support and resistance, trend lines, using indicators like RSI, stochastics, etc. – All of which
require you to get a ‘feel‘ for, or ‘read’ the market, things that are
impossible to do without years of chart-time...

How would that impact your trading?

If I could literally hand over statistically proven strategies, with a clear set of rules that you can implement straight away,
providing a framework to help you better-understand the markets along with removing
all of the stumbling-blocks that have held you back so far,

What impact would that have on your confidence?

…not to mention your profitability.

To tell you exactly how my strategies work;

They solve the problem of having to use discretion, completely removing the need to guess, or
predict the markets, or mark levels [everybody draws them differently…] and so on.

Each one of my strategies is built around a completely mechanical, rule-based, black and white setup.
All we do is await the setup, execute and walk away, solving the problem of
knowing where to trade, when to trade, etc.

As soon as you have the rules, you can see every trade setup that has ever occurred, including every trade
recorded on the trades taken spreadsheet/s I share below and in my YouTube video/s, clear as day. 

It’s an extremely simple, time-efficient and most importantly consistent way to profit from the markets
with no stress, no guesses, no predictions and no worry whatsoever.

Who? Steven R.
Where? Worcestershire, England
Star Rating? 5*


Hello. My name's Steve from Worcestershire in England. I've been trading for about three or four years now on and off. Really didn't know what I was doing to be fair. Hopping from one thing to another, looking for a system that would work for me. Unfortunately it didn't really work out. Managed to empty about three accounts over time, and became quite dissilusioned and decided to take a break. So I took a break for about 6 months and it was always there in the back of my mind that I could do something with it. I was sure there was some solution there that would work for me, so it was always niggling in the back of my mind.

Luckily I found WB Trading and it all just clicked really. The rules-based mechanical approach, it's so simple and very different to what i was doing before. I just love how every trade is logged. The proof is there for you to see, black and white. You can go over the figures, you can do your own backtesting. You can check it all out, and even if you start on demo and just prove it to yourself that it works. Within the Platinum package there's quite a few different strategies, you can do them all or you can pick and choose the ones that suit you best. One of the strategies that I use on a daily basis now I can see that over 7 months there is a +70% account-gain and that's keeping the risk at 2% per-trade. So, very happy with that one.

Yeah, I can't, I can't fault it really. Will and the team are so supportive and there's also free [weekly group] coaching sessions which is priceless. It's all set up for your success and yeah, onwards and upwards. My aim is really to provide an income during my retirement so that I don't have to rely on state pension and yeah, very happy and look forward to the rest of the year and beyond. I hope to see you on the inside. Thanks
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Derek Has Generated Above +20% In A Single Month
By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Victoria Is Finally, As She Says, 'Seeing Consistent Profits' By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Ava B. Turned £500.00 Into £2,259.54 In Just
Thirteen Weeks Using The Strategies.

Listen to William's interview with Ava below and hear Ava talk about her journey from strategy-hopping
and attempting to trade using hope, best-guesses and predictions,
through to the success she's had since joining us:

Greg Says It Himself; Trading is Easy And Is 
"Stress-Free" When Using Our Strategies.

Stephen Made 6.5R And Is Up
+9% In Just Two Trading Days
Using Our Strategies.

Who? Souhaib A.
Where? Tikiouine, Morocco
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi guys, my name is Sohaib I'm from Morocco. I'm 22 years old. I started trading since 2017. My first year of college. I started watching YouTube videos about trading, talking about support, resistance, candlestick patterns, trend-lines etc, but with no consistency for three years. Just blowing accounts. I blew two accounts, or three accounts, that was so, so frustrating. I was losing hope. I was unhappy, until one day I was watching WB Trading's video talking about mechanical trading.

I was hooked, I bought one of his strategies. Then, the first month I was profitable. Second, third, I finally found consistency, for the first time. Then I decided to take the FTMO challenge. I succeeded in the challenge, which for me was mind-blowing because I succeeded in a proper trading a challenge. I'm now in the verification phase, and I'm confident I'm going to pass. WB Trading strategies really help you with your psychology because you just follow the rules. It's a set-and-forget approach. William helped me a lot in my trading. He is changing my life, my families life. Just, if you're doubting him, just go for it. You will be amazed with his work. Thank you.

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Imagine Consistently Profitable Strategies That Make
Trading Not Only Easy, But Stress-Free, Worry-Free… 

I know what you’re saying to yourself; “They don’t exist”.

I don’t blame you for thinking that, and it's why I physically trade the strategies, live, along with regularly share videos of me doing so
over at my YouTube channel, and I also go as far as to share not only my physical trade records, showing
every single trade taken via all four of my strategies, but also broker statements.

I’ll even go as far as to share the following, which details one week of trades-taken combining
the DAX and GBPUSD strategies. Exact entry points, exact exit points and exact outcomes.

Resulting in a £1,754.66 profit, in 5 days;

You’re also able to fact-check the trade record/s as soon as you have
the rules of the strategy/s to see the positions for yourself.

…but with all of that said, please, don’t take my word for how easy and straight-forward
the strategies that I share are to trade, or how consistently the
 continue to perform, listen to the traders
who’ve joined me in trading them.

Their Feedback Speaks For Itself...

Who? Matthew M.
Where? London, England
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

My name is Matthew M. I live just outside London and I came across Will's strategies about a year ago now.. At the time I was sort of trading discretionary and price-action kind of based, um, it wasn't really going too well, too bad. I was just sort of plodding along. My account wasn't really going anywhere, but what from it, for me was quite difficult was the fact that it was really hard to sort of convert the time I was putting into doing my analysis into getting a return out of the markets you now, because the market could sometimes do like a one-eighty on you, it could just completely ruin whatever you sort of analysis you've made to be fair, so, yeah, in terms of emotion, it was quite difficult to handle. Um, so yeah, I quickly made the sort of choice that it was probably worth me switching to where you trade and it was less emotional, uh, that could allow me to focus more on the actual trading itself, as opposed to worrying about what the market will do and stuff, you know.

So yeah, I got in touch with Will sort of last May, um, and he was super helpful.  His responses were, you know, top-notch. Replying on the same day, um, all the time, super, super, super helpful. Um, yeah so I bought, I bought the strategies myself. I bought the strategies, and even when I bought strategies, his Emails, same, same goes to his assistant Paul. Um, there was always a fast Email response, it was super timely, super quick, really helpful. And yes, I've sort of taken the rules that I learned and applied it to my own trading and been able to grow my account over the last eight months now which has obviously been quite good. And yeah, for me, it's sort of much more, I wouldn't, I wouldn't say fun because in a way trading has kind of gotten boring now, because I could say, I know what I've got to do. It's black and white, it's concrete. There's no sort of like difficult decisions to make from it. 

It's all sort of laid in front of me now, but like I say, because I'm doing that day in day out, it's just repetitive. But I guess, like I said, it's gotta be a good thing. Right. You know, and yeah, so for me, what's really sort of working is that I think it's so much better to follow a strategy where you've got historical data to go off, whereas compared to the sort of, you know, compared to the sort of discretionary trading where it's all done in the present, you can't look back and verify past-trades, it's too difficult that way, but with mechanical trading you've got some insight behind it that says, right. If you do 'x' to X-Y-Z market, it gives you a positive return. So therefore, you know, you keep doing that basically, to catch that return. 

So yeah, it's really worked superbly for me. Um, being able to get a nice profit, growing my account significantly. One other thing I'd say is that not only do Will and Paul and the team provide the strategies for you, but also they will also help and support you in sort of trying to develop your own strategies as well, uh, or perhaps make tweaks to the strategies that you bought to maybe make it, suit your lifestyle a little bit more or suit your sort of maybe your risk or sort of whatever your risk tolerance may be, for example. So incase you want to buy the strategies and sort of, you know, maybe upgrade them a little bit so they can perhaps become more profitable if you want, or make your own strategies sort of act as more a tool of diversification to, sort of, the trading that, that you're doing. Will and Paul will help you with that as well. They're super-supportive. So yeah, I'd say if you're maybe thinking of switching this kind of mechanical or rule-based strategies, you've definitely got off solution now. I mean, you may as well give it a go. Absolutely nothing to lose. So yeah. I hope you make the, make the right choice. Um, thank you very much. 

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Vaughan Passed The FTMO Test And Gained Six-Figure Proprietary Funding By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Trausti Generated +€1,037.56 With Just Two Losses In Month-One By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Thomas W. Generated Over +100R and Over +100% Account Growth
Through Last Year Using The Strategies.

Listen to William's interview with Thomas below and hear Thomas talk about his journey from being held-hostage by 'technical analysis',
not knowing where, when or why he was taking trades, through to more than doubling his account inside of one year
by simply following a set of mechanical rules since joining us:

Derek Generated More Than +20% Account Growth In
A Single Month Using Our Strategies.

Mark Was Losing Money Consistently,
Until He Began Using Our

Who? Ndohho W.
Where? Nairobi, Kenya
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hello, my name is Ndohho W. from Nairobi, Kenya. Also come from Sydney, Australia but I'm currently in Kenya. Where was I before I took William's course? I was an aspiring trader who was just basically a gambler. I could from very early on see the potential for making this something that could literally bring me good income, but I was just trying to get there. Obviously until I did the research, contacted him and got myself enrolled in the Platinum course, it wasn't going well. I had it pretty bad. Like I said, I was just a gambler. I wiped out one account, then another one, so I really just went on a search for knowledge and information, and [since joining WB Trading] it was great from the beginning in terms of the ease of contact, the straight-forwardness of the material. It was great. Though interestingly enough, it wasn't, I expected a quick-fix or a quick-solution which isn't, I mean, maybe it is for some people but for me it didn't work that way.

I still was not following the guidelines, specifically. I was still thinking I knew this, or I knew that, and that I was able to figure it out on my own whilst also combining my knowledge with William's strategies, so it was almost like completely unfounded discretionary risk, plus a strategy, still ended up not working and I wiped another account which, again, was all on me because again, I didn't stick to it [or follow the rules]. So, I pushed through that and I stuck to it. I kept going, I kept applying it, I kept working erm, and I even took the FTMO challenge. I wasn't successful the first time. Again, that was earlier. That was about maybe three months ago, and so after that I really went back, went over all of the material again, and I just focused. And as soon as I just did what I was supposed to do, it started working.

I started to become profitable. I started the FTMO test again, and I'm about to pass it now which is fantastic. It's been a goal of mine, so where I am now is where I would have been had I just actually bin a bit more diligent, but also not underestimated the mental work it takes to persevere and push through with this because it's not for everyone and I can completely see why that's the case. I can empathise to a certain extent, but where I am now is a fantastic place. I'm really happy, I can pay my bills using my profits, I'm about to now have my funded account which will open up a whole new world of opportunities. Obviously with increased capital and a plan and Williams' strategies, so where I was and where I am now is night and day.

So, I've nothing but, you know, the best things to say about William and his team and I just urge anyone who's looking to do this; It'll work for you, but you have got to put in work as well. It's not just a quick-fix. You've really got to want it, put in the work, and just follow the rules. Which is very hard for, for some of us, but follow the rules, stick to it and you will succeed. So yeah, thank you.
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Learn From A Trader Who Trades His Strategies
Live In Real-Time For All To See...

Not only have I called trades ahead of time along with walking through trades as they unfold in real-time
via my Twitter, with each tweet being date-stamped and time-stamped...

I've also traded my strategies via live screen-recording and then uploaded
these screen-recordings to my YouTube channel, too:

Who? Ertan Y.
Where? London, England
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi, my name's Ertan. I'm from East London. I'm 24 years old, and I got into trading about two years ago, but unfortunately I came across many different courses, and to be honest I was just bouncing from course to course, and I was not getting any results, and I was losing hope. In the end, finally, I came across WB Trading. At first I was sceptical because you know, all of the recent courses that I'd tried out didn't work out for me. But I tried it anyway, I said let me just make a purchase and see what happens. I purchased the Session Momentum strategy and to my surprise it was actually very good results. I think in my first month I got a return of +11R and +11%. Every morning now, I have a strategy to follow. I wake up every morning, I wait for my setups and when the time is right I enter the trade, and then I just simply move on for the rest of the day.

I'd just like to thank William for providing these strategies because they honestly do work, and he also has data-sheets to you know, back up his claims.  If anyone is looking to, or has come across WB Trading, just make that purchase because it will honestly change the way you trade. It definitely did change the way I trade because before I never had a trading plan. I was just guessing when when I was making trades, but now I actually have a plan to follow and I actually have a structure, with rules to follow when I trade thanks to WB Trading.
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Matty Now Has, As He Says 'A Clear Path To Consistent Profitability' By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Tanzin Passed The FTMO Firm Test, Gaining $300,000 In Funding By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Fredrik K. Turned €2,000.00 Into €4,017.01 Growing His Account By
+100.85% In Just Eight Months Using The Strategies.

Listen to William's interview with Fredrik below and hear Fredrik talk about his journey
from ~5% returns per-year using an index fund to a +100.85% account gain
in just eight months since joining us:

Steve Added £1,796.00 To His Bank Balance In One
Single Trade Using Our Strategies.

Dan Generated £309.16 Across Three
Back-To-Back Winning Trades
 Using Our Strategies.

Who? Victoria G.
Where? Melbourne, Australia
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi, my name is Victoria G, and I'm from Melbourne, Australia. My love for the stock market led me to my journey in trading. So I studied technical analysis some years ago and love reading the charts and after investing and buying and selling shares, I decided to give trading a go. Just over a year ago and enrolled my first course, and that was the beginning of a turbulent and stressful journey for me to say the least. I found no consistency in my trading. Sure I had some wins, but also had some big losses, and I found that I was consistently chasing my losses and trying to recoup the money, which only led me to more losses. I found it was, uh, yeah, I was just constantly chasing anything I'd lost. And it was just leading me to, you know, more and more loss of money and income.
So after a year of trading, three courses and thousands of dollars later, I was ready to give it all up actually, and take a break. But then I came across WB Trading. I was hesitant at first given I tried three courses prior, but the technique actually, um, intrigued me, and it, after, you know, watching it and I actually, um, decided that I'll research mechanical trading because I, I just wasn't sure about it. So after I did do a bit of research, it did spark my curiosity, and I thought, okay, I'm going to take the plunge and enrol in my fourth course. And I can honestly say to this day, I have never ever looked back.

At present I implement two strategies which have worked extremely well for me. And I'm slowly building my account again. I have also started a demo account where I'm using all the strategies I have learned and implementing them just to take note of my trading behaviour and what works for me. As well as collecting data. So the importance of structure and consistency collecting building, assessing trade data, as well as backtesting is so vitally important in establishing a successful trading career and WB Trading has taught me that and so much more.

I'm so grateful because it has already changed my life in such a powerful way. So, so simplistic. My goal in 18 months is to trade full-time for a living and with WB Trading strategies I'm absolutely positive I will do that. The thing I have to say about mechanical trading is that it is the most clinical and automatic way to trade. It takes all the emotion out of trading completely. And honestly, I couldn't be happier. I don't stress or have the need to constantly watch the charts now. I actually have peace of mind. I can sleep better at night. So if there is anyone out there who wants to get literally get off the hamster wheel of trading, I highly recommend joining WB Trading. It's only the beginning for me, but already I can see my trading and my mindset have changed dramatically.

I can't recommend it highly enough. 
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Yahoo Finance, Influencive And More Have All Shared The News Of Us Having One Of The Highest Client Success-Rates In The Industry...

We're thrilled to have been featured in industry-leading publications such as Yahoo Finance, Influencive and more...

After Years Of Losing Money, Ava Is Finally Consistently Profitable By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Dan Earned Back His Investment With One Trade In A Single Day By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Azri A. Went From Only Ever Losing Money Across Eight Years,
To Being Profitable Every Single Month Since
Going Live Using The Strategies.

Listen to William's interview with Azri below and hear Azri talk about his journey from consistent loss
along with blowing his last $2,000 account in just one week, through to a +$1,890.00
account gain without a single losing month since joining us:

Stephen Generated +€212.00 via One Single Trade Within His First Month Using Our Strategies.

Edward Banked +$600.00 Within Hours Of
Beginning Using Our Strategies.

Who? Mariceline Q.
Where? Manilla, Phillippines
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi guys, my name is Mariceline Q, I'm from the Phillippines. I live in Manila or the Gughan City. I switch in between these two places every now and then. I'm a student of William Brown who helped me trade the financial markets responsibly and profitably. Before I got in to William Brown's strategies I was actually a forex trader trading the Euro-Dollar market during the London session. The problem with my strategy was it's mechanical, except for the entry-point so everything was objective, the stop-loss was objective, the take-profit and the schedules were objective but the entry-point was very subjective because it was hard to measure the results of. So, since I found out that you have to have a mechanical trading strategy that's very objective I went in to YouTube to search for a 'mechanical' trading strategy and I found William Brown's YouTube channel and I found his website and I got in after a few months.

Actually after I found out about his strategies I was not sceptical about it. It's because I know, once I saw his videos, I knew he knows what he's doing being mechanical and everything, opposed to other traders saying "just get a robot" or whatever and he was teaching his strategies, so I got in to the programme after a few months and then I backtested the strategies on four years worth of historical data using a reputable broker, and then I found it to be profitable after these backtests and I practiced it on a demo account and I used it on a small live account. So, now I'm on my way to getting in to a prop firm in Singapore, or in Canada, so I have two options. For these two options I'm practicing the strategy for a few months now on a live-account and then I'm gonna use it on the Pridar Trading Firm to get a higher amount of funding, so I'm really happy that I found these strategies by William Brown because it's gets updated every single day. No, not every single day, it gets updated after every, regularly, so they make sure you know what you're doing, they have a great support team. Especially Paul who's there to help him.

I'm really grateful I'm able to go into a prop firm confidently because of these strategies, so thank you William and thank you Paul. Have a nice day.
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Souhaib Is Finally Confident In The Trades That He's Taking By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Tom Generated +100R and A +100% Account-Gain Last Year By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Who? Adam B.
Where? Melbourne, Australia
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi my name’s Adam B, I’d just like to share my experience with WB Trading. I started trading about 3 years ago, and like most beginner traders I struggled in the beginning. I was not understanding risk properly, I was over-trading, I blew a few accounts. They weren’t very big thankfully. And I was strategy-hopping, from one strategy to the next strategy. And not really getting a good grasp on how to be a consistently profitable trader.

I came across a WB Trading review on a Facebook ad, and I decided to watch their webinar. The webinar resonated with me, I thought that it was quite good, the way that it’s a mechanical rule-based strategy that they were talking about. Letting an edge play out over time, probabilities. That resonated with me and I started to understand exactly how this could work. So I went ahead and I bought the Platinum programme and I went through it, and I started practicing what they were teaching, and slowly slowly over time I’ve now become consistently profitable.

My mindset is still not a hundred percent but it’s on the path of getting much better than it was before, and I’m understanding how to let the edge play out and the probabilities play out with a mechanical rule-based strategy. Also the thing I like about it is that you don’t have to sit in front of the charts all day because the trades take place at certain times of the day. So yeah, if this is something you’re interested in I’d recommend to check out WB Trading. They’ve got great customer service and I think you’ll find the webinar and the Platinum Programme really helpful. Thanks for listening.
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Derek Has Generated Above +20% In A Single Month
By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Victoria Is Finally, As She Says, 'Seeing Consistent Profits' By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Who? Dennis S.
Where? Stockholm, Sweden
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hello, my name is Dennis S and I’m from Sweden. I have been trading since 2015 where I started trading shares on the Swedish stock exchange. Then pretty soon I got my eyes open for Indices, especially the German DAX where I found the volatility I was looking for. Traded DAX for a while but later on I discovered forex. It was this market open twenty four hours a day. Lots of different pairs to choose from, yeah. I liked it.

All this time I traded without a clue really what I was doing. Well at the time I thought I knew what I was doing but really I didn’t. I just kept blowing my accounts one after another. The first time I came in contact with William Brown at WB Trading was on Twitter I think maybe 2 or 3 years ago. He was this guy who talked about mechanical rules, statistical edge and so on and so forth. And really I had no idea what he meant. At first I didn’t care about it. I continued with my losing trading style where I really had no idea what I was doing. No journal or nothing, I couldn’t review what I was doing. But this guy kept popping up in my feed so I became more and more curious about what this was. He even started showing his trades on YouTube and I couldn’t believe that it was so simple, what he was doing.

In the beginning of 2019 I contacted William and decided to buy his strategies via his Platinum Programme. I think at the time he threw out an offer so the cost was affordable. I mostly wanted really to know what a mechanical strategy looked like. I wanted to know what it was really. To my surprise there wasn’t a one hundred page document showing up. It turned out to be a fairly simple process to follow, and I never thought it could be this easy to trade.

I started doing my own backtesting with the strategies and I came up with the same result as the documents I received. I continued with the forward-testing on my demo account and the result was good. So I went on to do it on my live account. All this time in my backtesting of the strategies, William and his team were in the background. They help me when I have any issues or questions. They always respond fast. I traded the DAX for a while with good results and right now I really, I don’t trade the DAX anymore due to my work schedule.

Even now, it’s incredible support from William and Paul and all the guys at WB Trading. I really recommend that if you want to start building your trading career, for me this was a game-changer. And I’ll never look back to any other thing or company in the trading business. This is a really kind of boring way to trade, but it generates income and I’m good with that. That’s all from me, thank you.
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Mat Placed Five Trades And Made £500 Overnight Whilst He Slept By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Dave Takes Trades And Simply 'Walks Away' With No Stress By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Who? Dan B.
Where? Preston, England
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi my name’s Dan, I’m from Preston. So roughly I began trading about 2 years ago, I came across trading through Instagram which is never a great start, but yeah, I came across this account. The guy he was talking about how trading’s changed his life, he quit his 9-5, he was now generating a large income solely through trading. He was going away on his holidays, living that sort of lifestyle that everyone wanted. So, yeah, I was a bit sceptical at the time, I did take it with a pinch of salt but I was definitely intrigued. So I got in touch with the guy, he told me that he provided a signal service so simply a case of following his trades. He told you when to exit, setup your stop-loss, take-profit, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I was setup within a couple of days, and he started sending the trades through. So, can’t lie, in the first couple of weeks they were back-to-back wins pretty much so consecutive winning streak. Around 5 to 6 trades so I was impressed with that and I carried on. And then I found pretty soon after that, the 3rd or 4th week, swiftly changed. Started going down-hill at a rapid pace, so yeah, the profit I’d made was pretty much wiped out the first 3 to 4 weeks then my account started getting hit as well so chunks that had been taken from my account. I found that all these small profits that we’d made were just largely outsized by the losses. There was no consistency, he didn’t tell you to setup a stop-loss, there was no consistency around the stop-loss either. It could range from 25 to 50 to 75 pips which is all good and well but there was no real accurate position sizing, so, I lost all over the place. So after about a month or two, yeah, I got sick of the guy. So I quit trading, I was done with it for a couple of months. And then coincidentally I had no idea at the time but my barber was Will’s brother. So we were talking in the barber shop, started having a conversation around generating a side-income which I was looking into. I did mention trading briefly, now, Will’s brother told me about Will, his course, how he’d been trading for a long time, that’s what he lived and breathed. And it was worth getting in touch if it’s something I was looking at.

So I took him up on the offer, and I thought well at least I can find this guy anyway if everything goes wrong. So I started speaking to Will and I found straight away it was a completely different experience to what I’d had. So there was guidance offered from the beginning before I even bought a course. He was telling me a bit about how mechanical strategies work. How I’d be able to trade around my work-hours as well, 9-5. Didn’t need to spend a lot of time at the screen, so I went ahead about bought the course. The first strategy I learned was the ‘momentum’ edge, so that’s what I have been using day in and day out. That’s become my bread and butter, and after 2-3 weeks I was so excited I bought all of the other strategies and for me in all honesty, it turned everything around, with the course the info that Will offers is all around risk management, psychology, removing emotion, position sizing as well so he goes through that. But at the time, it was a battle and a journey.

So I started going back and forth on each strategy without allowing edge to play out, I wasn’t allowing probabilities to play out and I was trying to refine the rules and change them, so I adjusted things, make tweaks and sabotaged myself by changing the rules. I didn’t backtest anything before implementing stuff and I made it really difficult for myself really. So this was around 6 months, I was going back and fort with my profits and losses so I took a break to work on myself and my mental well-being, that side really. So took some time off, started reading lots of psychology books and I started thinking about trading again early this year. Roughly Feb-Mar I got back I touch with Will. I told him I wanted to get mentoring/coaching to hold me accountable, so he put me in touch with his coach Tom from WBTrading. He was great and offered a lot of support and guidance, he was good to bounce ideas off. Then I started trading again from late March-April. And for me what really works is the Bias Bar edge, just because it allows me a lot of time in the morning to look for entry-triggers before work, and then in the evening after work I glance at the charts again so very flexible and it works hand-in-hand with my working hours and it’s great.

So first time I’ve found that I’m consistently profitable now. I started properly in April with the one Bias Bar edge and I’ve been making consistent profits ever since. I’ve currently up by +16R / 17R, roughly +5R a month. And I’m currently going through the evaluation phase with a funded account with MyForexFunds which is going really good at the moment. I’ve passed the first phase, moving onto the second phase now. I’ll just flip my camera around so I can show you what I’ve been working on. So very quickly, so you can see first phase I passed. +8% a month. And if I move on quickly to my IG analytics you can see there, a gradual gain. Risk to reward ratio roughly around 3 to 1 so yeah, really impressed. 40% win-rate.

Will, I can’t thank you enough for all the help and guidance provided, simply all you need to do is follow the rules of the strategy, execute well and you’re good to go. Thanks a lot.
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Mark Has Steadily And Consistently Built His Account
By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Vaibhav Is Seeing Consistent Profitability For The First Time Ever By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Who? Vaughan C.
Where? Chester, England
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi guys, my name’s Vaughan. I hope you can see me alright I’m sitting a little way from my laptop on the other side of my lounge at home. I’m making this video because Will just asked me if I wouldn’t mind making a quick testimonial on his behalf which I’m more than happy to do. I’ve been in contact with William of WBTrading for quite some time and I knew him back in earlier times when he only had 2 trading strategies which I thought were very interesting and I purchased them from him and I did find them to be very successful I must admit.

Clearly since then William has come on leaps and bounds, he’s got a team around him now I understand, he’s helping a lot of people. Not just in the UK but all of the world which is nice to see. But before all that, my story is probably very similar to a lot of people in as much as I was interested in going into trading as I was looking for an alternative source of income, and I’d tried all sorts. I went on a trading course which was quite expensive and I read books of course. I traded demo, I traded live and yeah, I probably didn’t come out too well back then to be fair. I used a lot of my savings and it was getting worrying at one point. But eventually after studying the markets and taking inspiration from Will I was able to develop some strategies of my own. 

But I think the basis of this video really is to point out to you guys, if you’ve got any doubts about approaching WBTrading or contacting William or any member of his team I should definitely recommend going along and doing so because what he has to offer is certainly genuine and will definitely improve your trading three or four hundred percent, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. I don’t have all of William’s strategies but I’ve used his approach as a means of building my own in terms of proper risk management, using the right lot-sizes, timing, getting timing right in trading and it’s taken a while I mean, one of the things you don’t realise when you get into trading is how long developing a successful strategy is. It’s very difficult. And I’m no exception to that but I’m glad to say things have turned around and I’m definitely having more success with trading since joining William.

To cut a long story short, don’t be scared to reach out to William because my experience of him is that he’s very helpful, he’s got a lot of good advice and good trading systems and erm, I know he’s got different stuff he offers, Platinum Program which I understand which has all his trading strategies. I’d definitely give them a go because I think you can waste a lot of time otherwise thinking about trying to work out how you’re going to trade, how you’re going to win at the markets and you don’t need to do that at all when you’ve got someone who knows what they’re doing and who can just give it all to you and say “follow my rules, follow my strategy”. And just reap the benefits of that.

So, anyway I can’t think of anything else to say at this point so I’ll sign off but I hope that’s been helpful guys. All the best
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Derek Has Generated Above +20% In A Single Month
By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Victoria Is Finally, As She Says, 'Seeing Consistent Profits' By Following The Mechanical Rules...

Who? Joe L.
Where? London, England
Star Rating? 5*

WB Trading Review – Transcript:

Hi, my name is Joseph L, born and bread in London, England and today I will be giving my review on this amazing course by William Brown. So, before discovering this gem of a course, I was learning the basics on a site called Baby Pips. Really good if you wanna learn the basics, and from then I kind of carried on my education on the YouTube, and just getting whatever free content I could get my hands on. So, I've been learning for, say about, over a year. Between one and two years just learning, gaining knowledge. So, that's where I was at before the course. I then eventually opened a live account, after testing and trying these signals on the demo from other traders, and then obviously since opening my live account I was obviously using the signal service but I made a lot of mistakes and what I was, I would call mistakes but valuable mistakes like guess-trading, revenge-trading. Things that you shouldn't do if you're new to this, to this game. So I've learned the hard way to be honest. I was looking for something to give me that hope, maybe to recoup some of my losses, and this was when I discovered WB Trading's course. I checked out the reviews on TrustPilot and it was pretty respectable.

So yeah, I was, you know, delighted. I took of the leap of faith and I put my money down because I thought that having the course fee sat in my bank wasn't going to do anything for my future or my personal growth, so I thought let's, you know, let me take a calculated risk is what I call it, and yeah, i jumped on-board and to be honest with you I'm just over the moon and delighted that I have. So, I've applied what I've learned from the course and what I've learned throughout the last couple of years, combined it all together and I've just seen nothing but success. Twenty three trades, and they're all one hundred percent. No losing trades, I kid you now. Proof is in the pudding. So let me show you. So, there it is. This is my demo account, this is soon gonna happen to my real account. But this is the demo. As you know, blue means profitable trades, winning trades. Red means losing trades. You will not see one red there. These are the orders. The blue is for buy orders and the red is obviously sell orders, so these are obviously a mix of orders but this is the result here, and as you can see there £3,000 was the initial amount on the account and now it's £5,659.32 so, to make £2,600 in under ten days, you know,  it's a good result. It is high lot-sizes and I would advise to do risk-management so don't think I haven't treated this account as a real account. I have done. I know people are going to say "oh, it's very different from a real account". Of course it is. It's a big difference. It takes away the emotion of having that real account, but saying that I would like to say that I've treated this demo account very much like it's my hard-earned cash.

So, yeah, I'm just delighted by the results and I would recommend this course thoroughly because if you're serious about learning a skill which will ultimately help you to become a successful, profitable trader then you know, it's a no-brainer for me. This course is beautifully laid-out, the videos are short-and-sweet and William breaks everything down in lay-mans terms for you. So it's a fantastic course for anyone who wants to make an income during this global pandemic. So, I wish you all the best success in the future and I want to thank William Brown and the WB Trading team for producing such a fantastic course and let's hope 2021 is our year. Let's go get this money.
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Ready To Gain Profitability And Finally Turn Your Trading Around?

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